venerdì 29 marzo 2013


The next IUGULA-THOR live performance will be @ Ligera in Milano, on April 6, 2013, with also special support set by SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS: for this occasion, a limited edition SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS flexi 7” in 10 copies, “VAUDEVILLE LAYERS FROM THE DESERTED HARBOR” will be made available, together with the CD-R remastered reissue of IUGULA-THOR's “BECOMING AN ANIMAL 2013”.

Meanwhile ….

Influencing Machine Records have released a brand new SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS recording on cassette, "Gorgeous Primitivism from the Quartz Satellites": as anticipated, this will be followed by a vinyl LP re-issue of "Kusa'i", originally released by GROSS on cassette.

In April, Urashima will re-issue on vinyl LP also SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS’ s "Krionika Soshiki", originally released by Slaughter on cassette.

On April 15, Bloodlust ! will release the Neil Jenson & Sshe Retina Stimulants collaboration "A Brutal Case of Glacial Blasphemy" on CD, while plans are also being finalized for the publication of unreleased live material from the 90's.

Recordings for a brand new IUGULA-THOR full length album are still progressing and plans for releases are being discussed with Bloodlust!.

In a few months Urashima will also reissue on vinyl LP the Iugula-Thor / Sshe Retina Stimulants "Wrist" split, originally released on CD by Ant Zen.

Announcement for the new Sigillum S release "Glamour & Decadence Across Galaxies" , a 12" picture disc LP + download are imminent: details on pre-order through BANDCAMP will be announced ASAP.

Meanwhile, recording has been progressing on the new Sigillum S & Tony Wakeford collaboration "Stones Debris and Some Cultural Flu", together with another collaborative project too: more details will be communicated shortly, together with plans for additional new production, publication of unreleased older material and live shows.

The new Obake album has been recorded in Budapest during November and the record is currently in production. Previous bass player Massimo Pupillo is no longer member of the band and has been replaced by grind/break core legend Jason Konhen aka Bong-Ra: a release date is expected for mid September 2013 immediately followed by an European tour.

Metallic Taste Of Blood, the band founded by Eraldo Bernocchi and Colin Edwin from Porcupine Tree, will debut in may @ Asymmetry 5.0 festival in Wroclaw (May 1-4, 2013): touring will follow right after.

Eraldo Bernocchi workshop Bone's Orchestra will also debut @ Asymmetry 5.0 festival in Wroclaw: the workshop will involve any kind of participant and player and is not limited or based on guitar only....every kind of instrument will be accepted and the goal of the three days will be composing in real time 20/30 minutes of music to be played the last night of the festival.

Eraldo Bernocchi has then been finally working with MORKOBOT on a very special project, while planning contribution to a tribute to Peter Namlook as well.




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