domenica 15 dicembre 2013

P.NG5361.B's VERTIGO OF LISTS - TOP RECORDS OF 2013 : 50 to 11

11. NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS “Push Away the Sky” (Bad Seed)
12. THE THING “Boot!” (The Thing)
13. AANIPAA “Through a Pre-memory” (Editions Mego)
14. BIS KAIDAN “Bis Kaidan” (Avex)
15. SUTEKH HEXEN “Breed in me the Darkness, Second Coming Mixes by Andrew Liles” (Merz / Pesanta Urfolk / Aurora Borealis)
16. BOTANIST “IV: Mandragora” (The Flenser)
17. THE FORTIETH DAY “Tenochtitlan; 1520 AD” (Bloodust)
18. PORTAL “Vexovoid” (Profound Lore)
19. FIRE! “(without noticing)” (Rune Grammofon)
20. BODY / HEAD “Coming Apart” (Matador)

22. TEHO TEARDO & BLIXA BARGELD “Still Smiling” (Specula)
23. LYDIA LUNCH “Retro Virus” (Interbang)
24. LUSTMORD "The Word as Power" (Blackest Ever Black)
25. MERZBOW / GUSTAFSSON / PANDI “Cuts” (Rarenoise)
26. MY CAT IN AN ALIEN “Alien, all too alien” (Transmat)
27. DKV TRIO “Schl8hof” (Trost)
28. TERENCE HANNUM “Spectral Life” (Shelter)
29. SWANS “Not Here, Not Now” (Young God)
30. PETER BROTZMANN “Long Story Short” (Trost)

31. COLIN STETSON “New History Warfare Vol. 3 – To See More Light” (Constellation)
32. CORRECTIONS HOUSE “Last City Zero” (Neurot)
33. JOZEF VAN WISSEM “Nihil Obstat” (Important)
34. MATANA ROBERTS “Coin Con Chapter 2: Mississippi Moonchile” (Constellation)
35. BORIS "Praparat" (Daymare)
36. ULVER “Messe I.X–VI.X” (K-Scope)
37. YOKO ONO PLASTIC ONO BAND “Take me to the Land of Hell”
38. TOUCHE AMORE “Is Survived By” (Deathwishe)
39. FELL VOICES “Regnum Saturni” (Gilead / Vendetta)
40. SUTCLIFFE JUGEND & JUNKO “Sans Palatine Uvula” (4ib)

41. FACTRIX / CONTROL UNIT “Elegy for Rusted Souls” (Backwards)
42. SUTEKH HEXEN “Become” (King of the Monsters)
43. GRAVETEMPLE “Aimbient / Ruin” (Ideologic Organ)
44. FIRE! ORCHESTRA “Exit!” (Rune Grammofon)
45. PHARMAKON “Abandon” (Sacred Bones)
46. MACELLERIA MOBILE DI MEZZANOTTE “Black Lake Confidence” (Trips und Traume)
47. SAVAGES “Silence Yourself” (Matador)
48. LAND OF KUSH "Big Mango" (Constellation)
49. XIU XIU & EUGEN R. ROBINSON “Sal Mineo” (Important)
50. PELICAN “Forever Becoming” (Southern Lord)

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