domenica 1 febbraio 2015


On December 23, 2015 SIGILLUM S is going to be 30 years old….for this special occasion, we are planning the contemporary release of three different, completely new works, each one dealing with a specific view of our historical and contemporary dimensions...
“DEMONOLOGY” , a cassette tape album focussed on our most occult aspects, crossing the forbidden territories of unknown existence with ancient knowledge acoustic tools, in a deranged evocation of forgotten molecular shapes...
“ASTRONOMIC HORROR”, a vinyl long playing album built on on our most brutal and provocative side, elevating mayhem exploration into additional trajectories beyond every form of previous conflict, in an unholy marriage of analogue perversion and digital mutation...
“SIGILLUM S NOISE SYSTEM: IRON CATASTROPHE SPECTATORS”, a compact disc album conceived as the bastard offspring of our blast moods, enlisting the maelstrom drumming support of Ted Parsons to probe the freakiest spaces hidden across the rotation dangers of sampled improvvisation and outsider science.

All 3 releases will be quite limited (actual numbers are still being finalized), totally independent from each other (i.e. no common material) and produced by VERBA CORRIGE, with no download availability currently planned.
Discussions and research are still going on for possible additional productions (DVD, t-shirts, etc.) as well as special live shows.
More details will follow.

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