domenica 30 agosto 2020


The digital repository for SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS is finally on-line


This will provide a fully-fledged view of the SRS history, starting with DL / streaming versions of the earliest releases

·         BAKEMONO 
(originally released on cassette by KRONOTOP in 1994 and re-issued on CDR by BETON RAW [] in 2020)  

·         KUSA’I 
(originally released on cassette by G.R.O.S.S. in 1994, re-issued on CDR by BETON RAW [] in 2020 and to be re-issued on vinyl LP by Influencing Machine Records [  - ] shortly)

·         ZATSUON JUNK 
(originally released on cassette by Old Europa Cafe] in 1994)

(originally released on cassette by Slaughter Prod. in 1995 and re-issued on vinyl LP by Urashima [] in 2013)

(originally released on cassette by Murder Release in 1995 and re-issued on CDR by BETON RAW [] in 2020)


Batches of usually four more releases will be then chronologically available every Friday, starting September 4, 2020 and going until mid-October, for a current total of 27 re-issues + 2 unreleased live performances.

More re-issues and unreleased material will then follow later, together with brand new stuff: novel physical productions will also be available through the same Bandcamp site as soon as they are out.


The twin, solo site for forthcoming Paolo L. Bandera new releases, including very limited tape and vinyl editions, will be live soon too.

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