domenica 11 marzo 2018

SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS : Stark And Flawless (While Brewing Crypto Dead Genes For Subliminal Functionality).

A post-noise pentalogy, recorded directly to vinyl using THE FLABBERGASTING RECORD ELEVATOR @ SUPERSENSE ( Vienna) on March 2, 2018 … the recording master for each of the five sections is the final product and each of them is available only as a one copy 7” (i.e. the actual direct cut with SUPERSENSE inner cover and external Hand Made package).
Moog ghosts from analogue... heaven were conjured via mobile app and conveyed directly into the cut grooves in order to provide at the same time the highest audio fidelity and a perfectly ritualized project experience … a conceptual serpent for the annihilation of time lines and the hyper looping of cultural references.

This was released on March 10, 2018: one copy / part is kept in the SRS archive, while the other four have gone to the first 4 to get in contact.

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