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P.NG5361.B's VERTIGO OF LISTS: BEST RECORDS OF 2011 - 200 to 21

11.          MY CAT IS AN ALIEN “Living on the Invisible Line”(Divorce Records)
12.          AR “Wolf Notes” (Corbel Stone)
13.          LOCRIAN / HORSEBACK “New Dominions” (Utech)
14.          LITURGY “Aesthethica” (Thrill Jockey)
15.          SUNN 0))) meets NURSE WITH WOUND “The Iron Soul of Nothing” (Ideologic Organ)
16.          ATLAS MOTH “An Ache For The Distance” (Profound Lore)
17.          JOZEF VAN WISSEM “The Joy that Never Ends” (Important)
18.          STEPHEN O'MALLEY & ATSUO”Uroborus Circuit” (Inoxia)
19.          OBAKE “s/t” (Rarenoise)
20.          MY CAT IS AN ALIEN “What space is made for” (Elliptical / Opax)

21.          OWLS “The Night Stays” (Rare Noise)
22.          HOUSE OF LOW CULTURE “Poisoned Soil” (Sub Rosa)
23.          CURRENT 93 “Honeysuckle Aeons” (Coptic Cat)
24.          CORRUPTED “Garten Der Unbewusstheit” (Nostalgia Blackrain)
25.          PAINTING PETALS ON PLANET GHOST « Transparent Waters » (Blackest Rainbow)
26.          KEIJI HAINO “Un autre chemin vers l'Ultime” (Prele)
27.          BILL ORCUTT “How the thing sings“ (Editions Mego)
28.          PINCH & SHACKLETON “s/t” (Honest Jon's)
29.          BORIS WITH MERZBOW “Klatter” (Daymare)
30.          SMEGMA AND JOZEF VAN WISSEM “Suite the Hen’s Teeth” (Incunabulum)

31.          THE CARETAKER “An empty bliss beyond this World “ (History Always Favours The Winners)
32.          LITURGY / OVAL “split” (Thrill Jockey)
33.          HASWELL & HECKER “Kanal Gendyn” (Mego)
34.          STEPHEN O'MALLEY “Romeo” (Editions Mego)
35.          MAMIFFER / DEMIAN JOHNSTON “split” (Hydra Head)
36.          VV.AA “Bridges” (Machine Fabriek)
37.          STEVEN HESS & CRISTOPHER MCFALL „The Inescapable Fox“ (Under the Spire)
38.          HERESY OF THE FREE SPIRIT: JOZEF VAN WISSEM, CHE CHEN, ROBBIE LEE “A Prayer for Light” (Incunabulum)
39.          KRONOS QUARTES & STEVE REICH “WTC 09/11” (Nonesuch)
40.          JENNY HVAL “Viscera” (Rune Grammofon)

41.          MAMIFFER / HOUSE OF LOW CULTURE / MERZBOW “Lou Lou ... in Tokyo” (Daymare)
42.          EMA “Past Life Martyred Saints” (Souterrain Transmissions)
43.          THURSTON MOORE “Demolished Thoughts” (Matador)
44.          THE BODY & BRAVEWOUNG “Nothing Passes” (At a loss)
45.          LARSEN “Cool Cruel Mouth” (Important)
46.          JOZEF VAN WISSEM AND UNITED BIBLE STUDIES “Downland” (Incunabulum)
47.          JULIA KENT “Green and Gray” (Important)
48.          LOU REED & METALLICA “ Lulu” (Vertigo)
49.          OREN AMBARCHI & JIM O'ROURKE “Indeed” (Editions Mego)
50.          LEYLAND KIRBY “Intrigue & Stuff Vol.1” (History Always Favours The Winners)

51.          STEVE RODEN “I listen to the wind that obliterates my wind” (Dust-to-Digital)
52.          FIRE! WITH JIM O'ROURKE “Unreleased” (Rune Grammofon)
53.          WILLIAM PARKER “Solo Bass / Crumbling in the shadows is Fraulein Miller's Stale Cake” (Centering)
54.          GUSTAFSSON / SIEWERT “Fake the facts” (Mego)
55.          PRURIENT “Bermuda Drain” (Hydrahead)
56.          GLENN JONES “The Wanting” (Thrill Jockey)
57.          ARAM BAJAKIAN'S KEF ”s/t” (Tzadik)
58.          HECKER “Speculative Solution” (Editions Mego)
59.          DAVID SYLVIAN “Died in the Wool” (Samadhi Sound)
60.          DEMDIKE STARE ”Tryptych” (Modern Love)
61.          WOODEN SHJIPS “West” (Thrill Jockey)
62.          BORIS “Attention Please” (Sargent House)
63.          NEIGE & NOIRCEUR "Philosophie des Arts Occultes" (Land of Decay)
64.          BBNU & MY CAT IS AN ALIEN “GRAMOFONU = voice of the Universe” (Opax Records / Love Nest)
66.          BORIS “Heavy Rocks” (Sargent House)
67.          TONY WAKEFORD “Oddities” (Tursa)
68.          LARSEN & Z'EV “ In V.Tro” (Important)
69.          ATELECINE “A cassette tape culture Phase 1, 2 & 3” (Pendu)
70.          PERSISTENCE IN MOURNING "Confessions of an American Cult" (Land of Decay)
71.          PETER EVANS “Ghosts” (More is more)
72.          BORIS “New Album” (Daymare)
73.          GLENN JONES / BLACK TWIGG PICKERS “ Even to Win is to Fall / EastMon Syrup” (Thrill Jockey)
74.          MORITZ VON OSWALD TRIO “Horizontal Structure” (Honest Jon)
75.          RADIOHEAD “The King of Limbs” (Ticker Tape)
76.          JESSE SYKES “Marble Son” (Fargo)
77.          KODE9 & SPACE APE “Black Sun” (Hyperdub)
78.          CAROUSELL “Black Swallow and other Songs (Digitalis)
79.          BILL ORCUTT “ A new way to pay old debts” (Editions Mego)
80.          CULTUS SABBATI “Descent into the Maelstrom” (Land of Decay)
81.          OTHON “Silky Hands of a Rough Piano Boy” (Tapeworm)
82.          PREFUSE 73 “The only shechapters” (Warp)
83.          PUZZLE MUTESON “En Garde” (Bedroom Community)
84.          PHALLUS DEI “Will you come now “ (WKN)
85.          ANDY STOTT “Passed me by” (Modern Love)
86.          HAUSCHKA “Salon Des Amateurs“ (Fat Cat)
87.          WILD BEASTS “Smother” (Domino)
88.          FLEET FOXES “Helplessness Blues” (Bella Union)
89.          PSYCHIC TV “Themes” (Cold Spring)
90.          BRUCE LAMONT “Feral Songs for the Epic Decline” (At A Loss)
91.          JUV “Juv” (Miasmah)
92.          SHACKLETON “Dead Man EP” (Honest Jon) & SHACKLETON “Fireworks EP” (Honest Jon)
93.          OLD APPARATUS “Old Apparatus 1 EP” (Deep Medi)
94.          JOAN AS POLICE WOMAN “The Deep Field” (PIAS)
95.          WIRE “Red Barked Tree” (Pink Flag)
96.          FANTOM AUDITORY OPERATIONS / MICHAEL ESPOSITO “The Child Witch of Pilot's Knob” (Tapeworm)
97.          CLEARED “s/t” (Immune)
98.          TIM HECKER “Ravedeath, 1972” (Kranky)
99.          ESBEN AND THE WITCH “ Violet Cries” (Matador)
100.       LITTLE SKULL “ Little Skull” (Elica)

101.       ALELA DIANE “... and Wild Divine” (Rough Trade)
102.       JAZKAMER “Chestnut Thornback Tar” (Type)
103.       CINDYTALK “Hold everything dear” (Mego)
104.       FENNESZ  “Seven Stars” (Touch)
105.       DR. FLEISCHBRITTEL”The 7th Synphonie of the Seven Swevens” (Tapeworm)
106.       BABY DEE “Regifted Light” (Drag City)
107.       DECEH “Fundamental Structure” (Tapeworm)
109.       PALE SKETCHER “Seventh Heaven EP” (Ghostly International)
110.       SEEFEEL “Seefeel” (Warp)
111.       JOHN ZORN “The Dreamers” (Tzadik)
112.       JOSH T. PEARSON “Last of the Country Gentlemen” (Mute)
113.       DRUMS OFF CHAOS & JENS UWE BEYER “s/t” (Magazine 3)
114.       PANTHA DU PRINCE “Versions of Black Noise” (Rough Trade)
115.       JIM O'ROURKE “Old news # 5” (Editions Mego)
116.       MOON DUO “Mazes” (Sacred Bones)
117.       HOW TO DRESS WELL “Love Remains” (Triangle)
118.       FRANCISCO LOPEZ & ZAN HOFFMAN “Concert for 300 Magnetic Tapes” (Tapeworm)
119.       JAMES BLAKE “ James Blake” (Atlas)
120.       SONIC YOUTH “Simon Werner a Disparu” (SYR)
121.       KILLS “Blood Pressure” (Domino)
122.       UNCODIFIED “Involucri” (Magick with Tears)
124.       IRON & WINE “Kiss Each Other Clean” (4AD)
125.       GANG OF FOUR “Content” (Groenland)
126.       CHELSEA WOLFE “The Grime and the The Glow” (Pendu)
127.       ANNA CALVI “Anna Calvi” (Domino)
128.       PANDA BEAR “Tomboy”(Paw Tracks)
129.       WILLIAM ELLIOTT WHITMORE “Field songs” (Anti)
130.       BEIRUT “The riptide” (Pompeii)
131.       PETER HOPE-EVANS “Cast-Offerings: Visitations, Fetches, Revenants” (Tapeworm)
132.       SIMON FISHER TURNER “ Derek Jarman Super 8” (Optical Sound)
133.       BRIAN ENO & RICK HOLLAND “ Panic of Looking” (Warp)
134.       BEN FROST & DANIEL BJARNASON « Solaris » (Bedroom Community)
135.       DRCMUSIC “Kinshasa One Two” (Warp)
136.       PRINCE RAMA « Trust Now » (Paw Tracks)
137.       SHABAZZ PALACES « Black Up » (Sub Pop)
138.       LEE SCRATCH PERRY « The return of Pipecock Jackson » (Honest Jon's)
139.       ZOLA JESUS “Conatus“ (Souterrain Transmissions)
140.       MARK MCGUIRE “Get Lost“ (Editions Mego)
141.       ANNI HOGAN “Mountain” (Cold Spring)
142.       ANGEL “26000“ (Editions Mego)
143.       DRIPHOUSE “s/T“ (Editions Mego)
144.       YASUMAO TONE “MP3 DEVIATION“ (Editions Mego)
145.       OREN AMBARCHI & JOE TALIA “Hit and run“ (Touch)
146.       ALVA NOTO “Univrs“ (Raster-Noton)
147.       PRURIENT / NICO VASCELLARI “Jesus” (Hospital Productions)
148.       THURSTON MOORE “12 String Meditations For Jack Rose “(Vin Du Select Quantite)
149.       WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM “Celestial Lineage” (Southern Lord)
150.       HAUSCHKA & HILDUR GUÐNADÓTTIR “Pan Tone” (Sonic Pieces)
151.       CHRIS WATSON “El Tren Fantasma” (Touch)
152.       VV.AA. “Never a Pal like Mother” (Dust-to-Digital)
153.       BORIS HAUF, STEVEN HESS, KEEFE JACKSON, JUUN “Proxemics” (Creative Source Recordings)
154.       PRIMAL SCREAM & MC5 DKT “Music from the film BLACK TO COMM” (Easy Action)
155.       EMME YA “Atavistic Dreams & Phallic Totems” (Cold Spring)
156.       RICHARD PINHAS & MERZBOW “Paris 2008” (Cuneiform)
157.       NAUSEEF, MORI, PARKER, LASWELL “Nead Nadir” (Tzadik)
158.       CONRAD SCHNITZLER – BORNGRÄBER & STRÜVER “Con-Struct” (M=minimal)
159.       MOMICK “s/t” (Bladud Files)
160.       OXBOW “Stone & Towering Edifice: Live At The Bam” (Hydra Head)
161.       MATTHEW MULLANE “Matthew Mullane” (Vin Du Select Quantite)
162.       CHRIS BROKAW “Chris Brokaw” (Vin Du Select Quantite)
163.       PETERLICKER “Nicht” (Editions Mego)
164.       VV.AA. “Invasion of the Mysteron Killer Sounds” (Soul Jazz)
165.       BRIAN ENO “Drums between the Bells” (Waro=
166.       POPOL VUH “Revisited & Remixed – 1970 1999” (SPV)
168.       RUSSELL HASWELL “In It (Immersive Live Salvage)” (Editions Mego)
169.       ECTOPLASM GIRLS “TXN” (Ideal)
170.       SKULLFLOWER “Fucked on a pile of corpses” (Cold Spring)
171.       PHURPA “Trowo Phurnag Ceremony” (Editions Mego)
172.       HORSEBACK “The Gorgon Tongue” (Relapse)
173.       SERVILE SECT “Trvth” (Handmade birds)
174.       MIKA VAINIO “Life (...It Eats You Up)” (Mego)
176.       BURNING TREE “Stinger”   (Tapeworm)
177.       MILES “Facets” (Modern Love)
178.       OREN AMBARCHI & ROBBIE AVENAIM “Dream Request” (Bo Weavill)
179.       MARISSA NADLER “Marissa Nadler” (Box of Cedar)
180.       ANWORTH KIRK “Avonwaith” (Pre-Cert Home Entertainment)
181.       SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE “Maria Kapel” (Pavillion)
182.       AFRICA HITECH “93 million miles” (Warp)
183.       BATTLES “Gloss Drop2 (Warp)
184.       TU FAWNING “Hearts on Hold” (City Slang)
185.       PHILIP MARSHALL “Cassette” (Tapeworm)
186.       KREUZBERG “s/t” (m=minimal)
187.       VLADISLAV DELAY QUARTET “s/t” (Honest Jon)
188.       JIM O'ROURKE “Old news # 6” (Editions Mego)
189.       JELLO BIAFRA AND THE GUANTANAMARO SCHOOL OF MEDICINE “Enhanced Methods of Questioning” (Alternative Tentacles)
190.       FABIO VACCHI & QUARTETTO DI CREMONA “Strings Quartets” (Decca)
191.       NICK JOHAN DAVIS “Of Time and Tides – Guitar recordings Vol. II” (Tompkins Square)
192.       LOCAL CUSTOMS “Pressed at Boddie” (Numero Recordings)
193.       MATER SUSPIRIAE VISION “Crack Witch” (Living Tapes)
194.       SOHAIL RAMA “Khybermail” (Finders Keepers)
195.       2562 “Fever” (When in Doubt)
196.       GENERAL PENITENTIARY “Nitty Gritty” (Black Victory)
197.       TREMBLING BELLS “The constant pageant” (Honest Jon)
198.       CYCLO “id” (Raster-Noton)
199.       CONRAD SCHITLZER “Ballet Statique” (M-Minimal)
200.       JOHANN JOHANNSSON “Virdulegu forsetar” (Touch)

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