sabato 25 gennaio 2014

SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS PLAYS THE SODALITY, featuring Andrea Cernotto, Eraldo Bernocchi and Mark Solotroff

New studio track recorded for the DESTINATION MORGUE VII compilation,
in occasion of the very first SODALITY's live performance in Rome, January 4, 2014:
thank you very much to Alessandro Marchettini for EVERYTHING,
including uploading the track !

martedì 21 gennaio 2014

MACELLERIA MOBILE DI MEZZANOTTE “NYLON CRIME” (An Illustrated Epiphany on Italian Outsider Electronics)


(An Illustrated Epiphany on Italian Outsider Electronics)

A new MMM album entirely dedicated to the criminal and perverse Italian power electronics from the 80's and 90's.

A selection of tracks chosen for their sound cruelty and aesthetics, re-proposed and re-performed by MMM.

A tribute to the strength, blood and acoustic perversion of those projects .

A tribute to Love, Hate and Depravity.

Limited edition vinyl with insert focussed on Italian Power Electronics Artists.

For this incarnation MMM will be
Adriano Vincenti (MMM leader):Voice
P. NG5361. Bandera (Sigillum S, Sshe Retina Stimulants): Electronics

Track List

1.      “High Heels Inside My Throat” (Atrax Morgue)
2.      “Novità” (Progetto Morte)
3.      “I Want Your blood” (The Sodality)
4.      “Leather Sex” (Murder Corporation)
5.      ”Kiss The Carpet” (Mathausen Orchestra)
6.      “Corpi Da Reato” (Macelleria Mobile di Mezzanotte)
7.      “Assholes” (Iugula Thor)
8.      “Injecting The Pain” (Dead Body Love)
9.      Air-Flight And Prostitution Patterns” (SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS)
10.  “Urge to Kill” (The New Sadism)
11. “Anal Whip” (Sado Vision

sabato 18 gennaio 2014


SIGILLUM S have released their new record, "GLAMOUR & DECADENCE ACROSS GALAXIES" , a 12" picture disc LP + download, in a limited edition of 111 copies: ordering details and tracks streaming may be found on BANDCAMP .

"Studs and Divinity", originally released in 1989 as tape by Minus Habens and then made available as DL through , it's going to be also made "physically" available again shortly as a CD reissue by MONOCHROME VISION, including also two unreleased bonus tracks.

Recording has been then further progressing on the new SIGILLUM S & TONY WAKEFORD collaboration "STONES DEBRIS AND SOME CULTURAL FLU", together with another brand new SIGILLUM S production, "OBSTRUCTIVE SLEEP APNEA AND OTHER DEADLY MEDICAL CONDITIONS", scheduled to be issued as vinyl 10".

The already mentioned "other" collaborative effort has been moving along too: more details will be communicated shortly, together with plans for publication of unreleased older material (such as "EPIDEMIOLOGY" on vinyl, etc.) and live shows.

Meanwhile, Eraldo Bernocchi and P. NG5361. Bandera, together with Mark Solotroff, have performed for the very first live manifestation of Andrea Cernotto's THE SODALITY at the DESTINATION MORGUE VII festival in Rome, on January 4, 2014: documentation is viewable / listenable at the links here below


A limited edition of 50 copies of THE SODALITY's 12” “ORGIES OF CRIME” and two brand new SODALITY t.shirts designed by Bruno Richard (limited edition of 20 copy each) were also made available at the show: details on how to order the remaining copies will be comunicated shortly.


A “SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS PLAYS THE SODALITY, featuring Andrea Cernotto, Eraldo Bernocchi and Mark Solotroff” studio track was also recorded and is available on the DESTINATION MORGUE VII festival compilation.


Regarding SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS, PSYCH.KG has released “Haunted Wreckage From Geothermic Signature Pools”, a cassette in a Limited Edition of 50 copies in wooden handpainted Box

and is also going to release soon a split 7 “ LATHE disc of SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS a and LICHT-UNG.

INFLUENCING MACHINE RECORDS, as anticipated, is finalizing work for a vinyl LP re-issue of SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS’ s "KUSA'I", originally released by GROSS on cassette.

Another truly major re-issue project is on-going on URASHIMA (after the SRS vinyl LP "KRIONIKA SOSHIKI", originally released by Slaughter on cassette) , that is the production on vinyl of the seminal "LISTEN AND DIE!" 6 tapes box set published by SLAUGHTER PROD. in 1997: this Italian-American Power Electronics behemoth will see again the light of the day in the shape of two 3xLP box sets, one with the Italian acts (SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS, IUGULA-THOR, MURDER CORPORATION, ATRAX MORGUE, DISCORDANCE, DIKTAT) and one with the U.S. ones (SURGICAL STAINLESS STEEL, SLOGUN, TAINT, SKIN CRIME, DEATHPILE, BACILLUS).... everything re-mastered for wax by P.NG5361.B.

BLOODLUST!, then, after having released the NEIL JENSON & SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS collaboration "A BRUTAL CASE OF GLACIAL BLASPHEMY" on CD and the CD version of THE FORTIETH DAY + SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS + TERENCE HANNUM "ADVENT", is working on the production of the "BIO-CONCRETE IMPLOSION ON THE EAST SIDE" CD, an archival release of the first ever SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS performance, recorded live at Pyramid in NYC on June 2, 1996.

P.NG5361.Bandera is also working with Adriano Vincenti on the new MACELLERIA MOBILE DI MEZZANOTTE album: details are going to be announced very soon, together with other SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS collaboration projects.

Recordings for a brand new IUGULA-THOR full length album have then been still progressing and plans for releases are being refined with BLOODLUST!.

In a few months URASHIMA will also reissue on vinyl LP the IUGULA-THOR / SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS "WRIST" split, originally released on CD by Ant Zen.


Regarding ERALDO BERNOCCHI and his projects,the long awaited new SIMM album, “VISITOR” is finally out for OHM RESISTANCE.

Coming in 2014 on VITAL RECORDS is also “NOTHING” a dark ambient album recorded by Eraldo, together with HENRIK NORDVARGR BJRKK.

In the next few months Eraldo will be producing for RARENOISE RECORDS an amazing doom jazz trio too... FREE NELSON MANDOOMJAZZ... featuring Rebecca Sneddon on Sax, Colin Steward on Electric Bass and Paul Archibald on drums.

In early January Eraldo has been in Prague working on METALLIC TASTE OF BLOOD second album, while February 2014 will finally see a new cd coming out for ANODIZE, called “OMNIPRESENCE” and under Eraldo' s own name... it’s a live ambient album, entirely improvised at Darren Bergstein place in NJ...nothing was prepared, everything was flowing... Petulia Mattioli did the live visuals... a moment in time that will never come back and incidentally the first cd ever bearing only Eraldo's name.


lunedì 6 gennaio 2014


The full SODALITY line up, Mark Solotroff, Eraldo Bernocchi, P.NG5361. Bandera and Andrea Cernotto, at DESTINATION MORGUE VII in Rome.
Thank you very much to Joel Gilardini for the pictures and the great support !