domenica 27 marzo 2016

SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS plays UNCODIFIED “Black Apartments – A Semantic Mutation”

Available now as promotional CD and to be released as vinyl LP later in 2016.
Private Edition - Hand Made Series 006.
1. Apartment 1 (Milan) – Double Stretch Across Underground Channels
2. Apartment 2 (Hamburg) – Sidewalk Collection Of Collateral Damages
3. Apartment 3 (Stockholm) – Crude Woods From Rotten Hormones
4. Apartment 4 (Prague) – Intimate Display With Aged Advertising
5. Apartment 5 (Oslo) – Reluctant Forms Of Window Carnage
6. Apartment 6 (New York) – Unlimited Gluttony And Decayed Bridges
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Original material recorded by Corrado Altieri in 2012 - 
New reconfiguration and additional recording by P.NG5361.B in 2015


mercoledì 16 marzo 2016

SIGILLUM S 30^ ANNIVERSARY TRILOGY - available for pre-order

The 30 years SIGILLUMS trilogy and merch are now ready for pre orders.
Please point your browser here.
Please also note that due to the increase of postage cost all item prices are NET.
Please contact Sigillum S at the bandcamp address for a personalised quote based on:
a-regular mail, b- priority mail ,c-registered mail.
Goods will be shipped once the above costs have been paid.

lunedì 7 marzo 2016

SIGILLUM S 30th Anniversary Releases - ARTWORKS

The Sigillum S 30th anniversary covers are here and we love them!
As usual the artwork has been created by
Petulia Mattioli and they will be printed on heavy metallic paper with warm gold printing.
Each output is a different album celebrating 30 years of explorations, no tracks are in common. 

 From left to right:
"Astronomic Horror", 100 copies limited edition vinyl for the noise gods.
"Iron Catastrophe Spectators", 300 copies limited edition cd featuring
Ted Parsons (Swans, Godflesh, Jesu, Prong) on drums to summon the rhythmic side of energies.
"Demonology", 50 copies limited edition tape digging into the depth of rituals.
Prices and contact for preorders will come soon, as well t shirts for each output.
Please note: no reprint, no digital downloads.
Release date: 16-04-2016