venerdì 31 ottobre 2014


A new release at the Butcher's House Prod...the historical label of Rome will release a new professional CDr for the forthcoming event of the Destination Morgue Festival of 9th and 10th January 2015.... an astonishing collaboration between CRONACA NERA (the most violent side project of MACELLERIA MOBILE DI MEZZANOTTE) and IUGULA-THOR.... the split album, a masterpiece of the power electronics / old school industrial. will be released in 100 copies and it will be available directly at the event or through the BHP mail-order... the album will be released in a heavy cardboard double panel dvd format.

Sshe Retina Stimulants and The Land Of The Snow - Free Bitches Love - Al...

sabato 25 ottobre 2014

"MV X: MONOCHROME VISIONS 2004 - 2014" Compilation 3 X CD out on Monochrome Vision

In 2014, the Russian Monochrome Vision label turned 10 years old:
for this event they conceived a special project, which is this compilation with contributions of all artists ever produced.

This triple CD set contains 48 exclusive tracks and total duration is almost four hours of music: SIGILLUM S contributed an exclusive, unreleased track. 
It Is a limited edition of 500 copies in eight panel digifile and the price is 26US$/20€.

To order directly from the label, please write to

venerdì 24 ottobre 2014


ODE TO MARCO VERONESI , the CD compilation dedicated to our dear friend Marco, who passed away 1 year ago, has been released a few days ago by the reborn ADN label, which Marco had founded in the 80's with Alberto Crosta, Piero Bielli and Rudy Pavesi... without ADN and Marco the Italian / International experimental scene would have been MUCH less important & relevant than it actually is... ADN released the very first Sigillum S LP, BOUDOIR PHILOSOPHY, and personally introduced hundreds / thousands of people to endless examples of gorgeous noise and industrial provocation..... CIAO, MARCO !
SIGILLUM S contributed a brand new track to the compilation, which you can get by writing to or @ 
1Tomografia Assiale ComputerizzataAn Elegy 5:35
2Riccardo SinigagliaMagik 3:59
3Bene GesseritLacrima 2:31
4Francesco PaladinoHeadfish / Eatfish 4:32
5La STPOFetides Humbert Et Jacques 3:09
6Motor Totemist Guild, TheBlack Phoebe 3:26
7Sigillum SHappiness In The KooKy Cracks Among Dimensions 4:25
8Angelo AvogadriDaintree 5:18
9DDAABallade To Hazy World 4:02
10La 1919Hcabial 2:10
11TasadayOde Iperreale 4:28
12RLWVerbleichend 5:06
13Christina KubischCatching The Ether 8:53
14MerzbowMix 05.23 4:20
15Cellula Ascolto AttivoJapa(n)cinko 8:56

Limited edition of 300 comes with poster