lunedì 31 agosto 2015


Reissue of a long-lost cassette from 1994 from two of Italy's most enterprising aural provocateurs.

Helix was a short-lived side project featuring Eraldo Bernocchi (Bill Laswell, Scorn, Rare Noise label) & Paolo Bandera (Sshe Retina Stimulants, Komplet), both members of Italian ambient-industrial group Sigillum S. Dispensing with the more abstract, semi-corrosive experimental nature of their parent group's work, Helix instead concentrated on intricate rhythm programming harnessed to fractalized synths & digitally birthed ambience. "Numbers" is part of the heritage of now-revered classic works by Atom Heart, Eyephone, Andrew Lagowski, early Autechre, & Metamatics, as well as labels such as GPR, Hypnotism, Clear, DeFocus, etc.

In other words, Helix channel a mode of all-encompassing IDM shot through with the kind of electronic soundscaping so little seen in this day & age. Another rescued relic from the innovative 90s, courtesy of Anodize's sublabel, Recovery, dedicated to bringing back into vogue forgotten yet vital nuggets of prescient electronica.

Released 31 August 2015


sabato 22 agosto 2015

IUGULATHOR & Suction Melena "Snuff Recorded " cassette

Limited Edition, 50 copies, hand numbered and signed.

A4 sleeve in 3 versions: green, red and orange.

New and unreleased material coplayed between Iugulathor and Suction Melena with vocals by A-C.

Stereo and mastered with analog dolby sistem.


A1 Museum Entrance 11:13

A 2 Surveillance Monitoring 10:00

B1 Public Announcement 22:00

Mastered By – Paolo Bandera

Music By : A-C, Giovanni Melena, P. NG5361 B.

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LCB [Le Cose Bianche] plus SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS "Genetic Colonization and Deep Web Commerce: The Sexual Method to Mannheim"

Limited Edition 50 copies
To be released on October 31 2015 for the OEC label festival "X CONGRESSO POST INDUSTRIALE" to be held in Bologna and exclusively available at this event.
This is the hypothetical continuation of previous work between Paolo Bandera and Giovanni Mori, "Carnaliter Development", published on double tape by Spatter Records in 2014: focusing on themes dear to both projects, such as a certain type of sexuality and its contextualization into today inevitable sexual marketing. "Mannheim" shows the real, combined fury of the two projects.
1. Extra-theoretical function and deep institutionalization of psycho-social anomalies
2. Cultural premises of erogenous elites in sex workers branding
3. Dark dusty walls looked upward from destroyed benches in abandoned web brothels
4. A radical rethinking of inherent abomination in code colonialism imprinting and giant retail perversion
5. Public commotion by linking an analysis of voluptuous and violent content to religious extremism


CDr limited to 99 hand-numbered copies.
In a 12.3x17cm folded carton sleeve.
Some copies come with a bengal, others with a bag of ash.