domenica 15 aprile 2012


Various – Autolyse

CD, Limited Edition, Compilation


1Urna Endura 5:05
2Djinn Feu Follet 6:06
3Icydawn A Matter Of Deathstyle Pt. II: Suicide 5:47
4Maurizio Bianchi Mental Depression 8:40
5Teatro Satanico Autolyse 5:43
6Sshe Retina Stimulants Volume Destruction Of Cells Through The Action Of Their Own Vibrations 6:19
7Twilight Angelhood And Then... Into Your Silence 7:36
8Khem (2) I Do Aside Me 6:26
9L:CH:M Canto XIII (Ovvero Del Contrappasso Dei Suicidi) 4:58
10Sigillum S Organoleptic Improvement Of Complex And Spontaneous Ageing 5:21
11Dead Body Love First Or Last 5:47
12iNsCissorS Mortis (A Posse Ad Esse) 4:45
13Fehu When We Die As Martyrs, We'll Go To Heaven 5:33

Silver CD limited to 299 hand numbered copies.
12.3 x 17 cm folded carton sleeve, w. 7 inserts.


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