venerdì 24 ottobre 2014


ODE TO MARCO VERONESI , the CD compilation dedicated to our dear friend Marco, who passed away 1 year ago, has been released a few days ago by the reborn ADN label, which Marco had founded in the 80's with Alberto Crosta, Piero Bielli and Rudy Pavesi... without ADN and Marco the Italian / International experimental scene would have been MUCH less important & relevant than it actually is... ADN released the very first Sigillum S LP, BOUDOIR PHILOSOPHY, and personally introduced hundreds / thousands of people to endless examples of gorgeous noise and industrial provocation..... CIAO, MARCO !
SIGILLUM S contributed a brand new track to the compilation, which you can get by writing to or @ 
1Tomografia Assiale ComputerizzataAn Elegy 5:35
2Riccardo SinigagliaMagik 3:59
3Bene GesseritLacrima 2:31
4Francesco PaladinoHeadfish / Eatfish 4:32
5La STPOFetides Humbert Et Jacques 3:09
6Motor Totemist Guild, TheBlack Phoebe 3:26
7Sigillum SHappiness In The KooKy Cracks Among Dimensions 4:25
8Angelo AvogadriDaintree 5:18
9DDAABallade To Hazy World 4:02
10La 1919Hcabial 2:10
11TasadayOde Iperreale 4:28
12RLWVerbleichend 5:06
13Christina KubischCatching The Ether 8:53
14MerzbowMix 05.23 4:20
15Cellula Ascolto AttivoJapa(n)cinko 8:56

Limited edition of 300 comes with poster


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