lunedì 31 agosto 2015


Reissue of a long-lost cassette from 1994 from two of Italy's most enterprising aural provocateurs.

Helix was a short-lived side project featuring Eraldo Bernocchi (Bill Laswell, Scorn, Rare Noise label) & Paolo Bandera (Sshe Retina Stimulants, Komplet), both members of Italian ambient-industrial group Sigillum S. Dispensing with the more abstract, semi-corrosive experimental nature of their parent group's work, Helix instead concentrated on intricate rhythm programming harnessed to fractalized synths & digitally birthed ambience. "Numbers" is part of the heritage of now-revered classic works by Atom Heart, Eyephone, Andrew Lagowski, early Autechre, & Metamatics, as well as labels such as GPR, Hypnotism, Clear, DeFocus, etc.

In other words, Helix channel a mode of all-encompassing IDM shot through with the kind of electronic soundscaping so little seen in this day & age. Another rescued relic from the innovative 90s, courtesy of Anodize's sublabel, Recovery, dedicated to bringing back into vogue forgotten yet vital nuggets of prescient electronica.

Released 31 August 2015


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