domenica 27 marzo 2016

SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS plays UNCODIFIED “Black Apartments – A Semantic Mutation”

Available now as promotional CD and to be released as vinyl LP later in 2016.
Private Edition - Hand Made Series 006.
1. Apartment 1 (Milan) – Double Stretch Across Underground Channels
2. Apartment 2 (Hamburg) – Sidewalk Collection Of Collateral Damages
3. Apartment 3 (Stockholm) – Crude Woods From Rotten Hormones
4. Apartment 4 (Prague) – Intimate Display With Aged Advertising
5. Apartment 5 (Oslo) – Reluctant Forms Of Window Carnage
6. Apartment 6 (New York) – Unlimited Gluttony And Decayed Bridges
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Original material recorded by Corrado Altieri in 2012 - 
New reconfiguration and additional recording by P.NG5361.B in 2015


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