sabato 20 ottobre 2018

SIGILLUM S "The Irresistible Art Of Space Colonization And Its Mutation Implications" reviews: INK 19


The Irresistible Art Of Space Colonization And Its Mutation Implications


Love the cover, love the titles, love the energy, and the press release is a scream. I’m still not sold on the music. but we can talk. The titles rock, we have “Occult Storage for Pan Dronic Glosallia.” Here the band mixes industrial noise and Tuvan throat singing, a sadly neglected musical form these days. Later “Through the Endless Streams of Satellite Euphoria” sends a droning sound over clusters of alien newscasters vying for the best lead story as a lone saxophone does, well, the lone saxophone thing. Nearing the end either a pan-galactic symphony tunes up, or an interlocutor screams out in death agony. Random notes, amplified improvisation, and a sort of lonely pre-postmodern workout infuse “Celestial Heliocentric Cultures” and if nothing else, this project is “Interesting.” I’m still not sold, but this experimental esthetic imprint on my brain. You decide. But for me, this is too noise rock, too post glitch-core, and more avant guard than the Buckingham Palace guards. If you love listening to solar flares on your short-wave radio, this might be for you.

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