venerdì 13 novembre 2020

PAOLO L. BANDERA "Catalisi / Massa / Anafilassi / Sterilizzazione" - limited 12" vinyl


“Sociolinguistic rules that establish options available to a person display an explicit relation to their respective universalities... organic creatures appear out of the inorganic matter and drive a more realistic approach to characterize the environmental releases from the manufacture, processing, and downstream processes... they develop realistic computer simulations which create demon-like catalysis out of perception objectivity.”

“A detailed examination of the causal arguments, main mechanisms, and theoretical claims ... neither restraints nor regularized mechanisms of popular control … instances, transitions may occur through processes not involving social unrest … political scientists have created many typologies describing variations of autocratic forms of government ... transparency can facilitate transition, but most often a new regime displaces the old …trust enabled some countries to convince their citizens to allow mass testing and quarantine before the virus's effects … repression in the states we classify as informational autocracies is dwarfed by the bloody exploits of past dictators.”

“...on social media sites, can you help guarding against your own anxiety ... together with foods and drugs, the most frequent elicitors ... sudden release of chemical substances in the body ... severe enough to decrease quality of life ... exclusion presents opportunities for elucidation ... mission to educate, advocate and raise public awareness...”

“All people, including those with cognitive disabilities, have a presumptive positive interest in reproduction... no one advocates involuntary sterilization... the aim of the eugenics movement during the first war period... suitable measure of protection ... far more restrictive and regulated ... insight into how the concepts of gender, race, class, and disability .... impairment, neurologic dysfunction and disabling pathologies... an interactive curriculum designed for the residents.... hospital foods and equipment surfaces, as well as much of the public's load and burden on memory.” 

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