sabato 23 gennaio 2021

Erosioni Territoriali In Nicchie Caustiche by Paolo L. Bandera



Economy will continue to decline and this will eventually lead to an erosion of the living standards of citizens. However, some changes are mandatory in order to prevent pollution and soil degradation… deserts already cover a territory bigger than in any previous era... mountains, dunes and great accretions of sand blowout niches from cognitive processes and translate them into formidable tools to re-assess land spaces.

Forest plantations evolve into city outskirts …. fringe neighborhoods paint coordinates in avantgarde locations… a local flavor rips cracks across cultural divides and derives absolution from liquid missions.


Recorded & Assembled @ Milano, January 2021.

Field Recording & Photography @ San Francisco, January 2018.

Private Edition: Digital Series 002.

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