sabato 8 dicembre 2012

P.NG5361.B.'s VERTIGO OF LISTS: TOP RECORDS OF 2012 - 20 to 11

11. NENEH CHERRY & THE THING “Cherry Thing” (Smalltown Supersound)

12. BOTANIST “III: Doom in Bloom / Allies” (Verdant Realm)

13. MY CAT IS AN ALIEN “Art is a tear of Noise and infinite silence” (Discrepant)

14. SUTEKH HEXEN “Larvae” (Handmade Birds)

15. NEUROSIS “Honor found in decay” (Neurot)

16. RICHARD SKELTON “Voice of Birds” (Corbel Stone)

17. RABID RABBIT "Czarny Sen" (Bloodlust!)

18. WILLIAM FOWLER COLLINS “Tenebroso” (Handmade Birds)

19. NIHILL “Vendonkermaan” (Hydrahead)

20. MENACE RUINE “Alight in Ashes” (Sige)

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